Syrian Fascism and the Western Left


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by Nicole Gevirtz


Antun Saadeh was a Lebanese Christian who founded the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party (SSNP) in 1932. He was an unabashed Germanophile and made no secret of his admiration for Hitler while teaching German at the American University of Beirut. The expansionist polices of Nazi Germany touched him the most. The “Syrian” in SSNP refers to the idea of a “Greater Syria” on steroids; it would encapsulate the lands of Palestine, the Sinai, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and the island of Cyprus along with modern-day Syria.



Saadeh’s organization is a literal copy of the German NSAP, including doctrines of racist pseudo-science, a personality cult, and a Swastika-like flag.


Saadeh’s ideology was made up of a very severe Christian sectarian fanaticism going so far off the rails as to separate Syrians from Arabs. It was Saadeh who came up with the racist notion that the Mediterranean Syrian civilization and culture was superior to not just African Arabs but to all Muslim Arabs. This far-right political party is what German government officials in Berlin circa 1935 proudly proclaimed to be the Syrische Volkspartei; the Syrian People’s Party. Being an ultra-nationalist Christian, Saadeh believed antisemitism to be an intractable aspect of Christian identity. Not only did he fully believe the myth that the Jews killed Jesus, but he also believed that Islam and Judaism were inferior to Christianity on an equal level.[1] The shame and despair brought on by the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and subsequent defeat in 1948 opened the door to future instability and trauma in Syrian life. All confidence in the very young parliamentary democracy had been shattered and the first in a long line of military coups took place in the spring of 1949.[2] Colonel Adib Shishakli, one of the commanders of the Arab Liberation Army, was more than happy to assist in the overthrow of Syria’s first President and engage in some vigilantism against the incompetent government who had sent him on a failed mission into Palestine.[3] He was an early member of the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party (SSNP); the previously mentioned Nazi Party clone nourished by German government officials in the name of Arab nationalism.[4] Shishakli was involved in the second and third military coups as well. Everyone would suffer under Shishakli’s pro-SSNP military rule. Newspapers were banned and all political parties were dissolved, including the National Party of Damascus, the People's Party of Aleppo, the Communist Party, the Baath Party, and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. America had supported the more fascistic, secular, power-hungry elements within Syrian society and this was the end result; Shishakli’s Nazi-inspired tyranny.[5] With the SSNP large and in charge through the barrel of a gun, Shishakli maintained the armistice agreements with Israel and took financial support from the US in exchange for settling Palestinian refugees in Syria and bestowing Syrian citizenship upon them, thus openly engaging in the Zionist plot to erase the Palestinian people from history all while being fully supported by his SSNP backers. In the 1952 the US and Syria spoke about possibly engaging in a $400,000,000 deal that involved settling 500,000 Palestinians in the Jazira plains between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.[6] Here is a pillar for the foundation for the Assad regimes of both the father and the son. Ironically, today, the SSNP flag can be found waving at rallies in support of Palestine that American Leftists attend.[7]


Such SSNP styled authoritarianism is on display again in Syria today. A significant portion of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who put down the Green Revolution in 2009, assisted the Syrian Alawite security forces in crushing the initial uprising of 2011, and continue to imperialize Syria up until today make up the elite Quds Force. This is the Arabic translation of Jerusalem. They handle activities abroad and have often been described as the successor to the Shah’s Imperial Guards. The elite Iranian death squads are named after Palestine’s capital city and they have colonial origins.[8] Iran doesn’t just want to free Palestine; it wants to own it, along with Lebanon, Syria, and it wants Mecca too. Shia Islam, like Syrian Ba’athism, is clearly different in power than it is in opposition. The Syrian people are desperate for a Syrian solution, but what they’re getting is an Iranian one.[9] If the Syrian government were to ever become a democracy it would be Sunni dominated. Iran does not want that. Iran wants a Syrian regime that is friendly to its politics, proxy wars, and manipulation of the oil markets. First a few Palestinian militias in Jordan were Iran’s link to the Arab world. Then came all of Lebanon. Now all of Syria. Iranian-backed car bombs have repeatedly taken out Lebanese moderate Sunni leaders, and the Lebanese diaspora increased. Now the Syrian diaspora is obviously increasing during the worst refugee crisis since WWII, and Palestine is still not liberated from Zionist occupation. Imperialism is not resistance. Iran cannot have it both ways, but it will try anyway. Highly sectarian Lebanese Shias, backed by Iran, don’t own Damascus; this belongs to the Sunni-majority of Syria. That would be called, dare I say, democracy. If implemented in Syria both Israel’s and Iran’s power would shrink at the same time. Iran and the West have finally found something they can agree on; Syria must die alone. In November of 2011 is when the Syrian people began to wave their old flag of independence. Syria was finally suspended from the Arab League. A new war of liberation from colonialist occupiers had begun.[10] Today the world knows through multiple social media outlets and citizen journalists when a war crime is taking place as it’s actually happening. In 2011 Syrians began to find one another and talk to one another other after decades of monstrous silence that was deliberately manipulated by layer upon layer of fear. This fear was handed down over generations as a direct result of the severe trauma inflicted by the regime’s campaign of massive imprisonment and torture. Syria was the most fearsome national security state in the Arab East. This fear dissipated following the Arab Spring uprisings within Egypt and Tunisia. To quote Lebanese cyber-activist Rami Nakhla, “You can’t quash an uprising if millions of people are acting like their own independent news stations.”[11] Meanwhile, American Leftists within the Palestine solidarity community continue to swear by Iranian propaganda outlet Press TV.


Hafez al Assad’s oppression of the Sunni Syrian majority directly lead to the early beginnings of Islamist armed resistance in the 1980’s. The devastation his regime left behind remains an open and infected wound in the Syrian revolutionary mindset of today. The end of the neo-Ba’athist era birthed a ruthlessness that was previously unseen in its quest for power. Everyone who stood in its way was steamrolled. Whether they were Syrian, Lebanese, or Palestinian did not matter. Moderate voices were silenced as Ba’athism cannibalized itself. The social contract between the people and the state began to break down.  The double edged sword of modernization cut many down to size. The class warfare of the Syrian regime proved to be deeply connected to the rise of what would become the most fearsome police state in the Arab world. Slogans are one thing and reality is another. Syria’s Ba’ath Party constituted a political platform only to perpetuate tribal and ethnic oppression in the name of power and control. It should come as no surprise that a Nazi war criminal found a home in such an environment. Alois Brunner, an Austrian who was close to Adolf Eichmann, was in charge of the Drancy internment camp outside Paris during the Second World War. This SS captain oversaw the deportation of at 140,000 Jew people to the death camps in Poland. How exactly he ended up in Damascus still remains a mystery, but the Jewish Virtual Library has indicated that Alois Brunner was employed by the CIA after the war while the Mossad was sending him letter bombs in several assassination attempts. He was advising the Syrian government on torture and interrogation techniques by 1954, even before Hafez al Assad was large and in charge.[12] Alois Brunner remains number one of the top ten Nazi war criminals thought to still be alive.[13] According to a 1990 Los Angeles Times story he was arrested by the Syrian police in 1960 because they thought he was a drug dealer, but when he revealed himself to be a Nazi on the run he was released. He helped to set up Syria’s intelligence services, working under the name of Georg Fisher. Hafez sent him personal bodyguards.[14]

0_0_185_244.jpg  Eichmann aide, SS Lieutenant Alois Brunner]

Indeed, from the security services to the political ideology, Syrian fascism has German characteristics. The Syrian state has become extremely tribalized by its government, and that tribalism is based on the force exercised by the security branches ruled by the warlords and their interested allies. This is a dynasty and the son is following in the father’s footsteps beautifully. The US would come to find Syria’s torture chambers to be very useful in its “War on Terror” even though President George W. Bush anointed Bashar al Assad as being a cog in the “axis of evil.” The Syrian regime was one of the most popular destinations for the CIA to send those it captured during its extra-rendition program. A security-based relationship between the Gestapos of Syria and the West was born in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11th.[15]

According to former CIA agent Robert Baer,

“If you want people to be well interrogated, you send them to Jordan. If you want people to be disappeared, you send them to Egypt. And if you want people to be tortured, you send them to Syria."

The Western Leftist denialism of the Syrian revolution is Orientalism 101; gullible Arabs and Muslims perpetually subjected to manipulation and whose political consciousness can only be activated by Leftist ideologues. Brown people are just the white man's proxies unless the irrelevant White Left says otherwise. It’s textbook narcissism. Counter-revolutionaries appeared on Russia's state propaganda channel early in 2011 to say that Russia was preventing an American takeover of Syria. What was actually happening was that the Assad regime was using Russian weapons and political support to murder, torture and rape those involved in a non-violent democratic uprising. Should we see a difference between Tariq Ali and your average neo-con telling Fox News that only American support is stopping an Iranian take-over of Israel? At least the average neo-con does not pretend to be a “revolutionary” or a '”radical.” Western Leftists have found it easier to sympathize with, say, Gaza than with Syria. What makes the victim important to an average American anti-imperialist? The criminal. Israel is seen as the worst monster on the block, no matter what the death toll actually dictates. The hypocrisy is astounding. Indeed, Assad, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and all the Israeli leaders are/were mass murderers, but as long as American Leftists only condemn Israel and refuse to condemn anyone else they remain in the same position as their neo-con opponent; a racist who is terribly ignorant about the region. If you read those who dominate the liberal-left press you would believe that the Free Syria Army never existed, the Syrian people gassed themselves, Assad is a secularist and anti-imperialist, the revolution was a sectarian and foreign plot from the start, and that the West must ally with Assad to stop extremism. All of this has no basis in reality, unless you watch Iranian and Russian propaganda 24/7, and that’s exactly what the Palestine solidarity community has been doing. All of them are entirely ignorant of what's actually happening, or, worse, they ignore reality in favor of their pre-existent, West-centric story. The "anti-war" crowd is guilty of slapping together half-truths to justify their opposition to arming Syrians who are waging a just war of self-defense against the world's most murderous fascist since Adolf Hitler. Syria is Obama’s multiple Rwandas.


In the Syrian regime’s brutality, its narratives of sectarianism, and its refusal to recognize the political legitimacy of the Syrian people’s call for freedom, it bears an uncanny resemblance to its French predecessors of the 1920’s. The Assad dynasty, time and again, annihilates the moderate Sunni leaders and then scratches its head and wonders why only extremists are left. A worst case scenario for Syria was predicted as early as 2005; a civil war involving various ethnicities and religious sects at each other’s throats combined with more radical Islamists waiting to drop in and fill the power vacuum as the political, social, and economic environment deteriorates.[17] What was not predicted was how savage the Syrian government would get in order to keep its grip on power. The heavy influx of fascist militants from Europe massacring Syrians on behalf of Assad was not predicted. The Syrian government has the support of fascists and far-right nationalist parties and organizations all across Europe. The Syrian Ba’athist flag has made widespread appearances at rallies organized by the French National Front, the Italian Forza Nuova and Casa Pound, the Golden Dawn and Black Lilly of Greece, the British National Party, and multiple neo-Nazi groups in Poland.


Every pillar of their support for the Assad regime is based on a myth. They believe Assad is a buffer to US imperialism, which he is not and has never been. They believe Assad is a threat to Israel, which he is not and has never been. They believe Assad is fighting Islamic terrorism, which he also is not. When they’re not taking part in violent, racist, anti-Muslim protests and attacks back home, they’re in Syria with government officials on “fact finding” missions and some have even picked up a weapon and joined Hezbollah. There were Greek Nazis killing Syrians in Qusayr alongside the followers of Hassan Nasrallah during the summer of 2013.[18] In September and October of 2013 over two hundred Russian mercenaries known as the Slavonic Corps were hired to fight and kill Syrians in Homs and Deir Ez Zor. Their mission was cleared by the Russian Federal Security Services while Russian engineers were working on Syrian air defense systems.[19]

To perhaps add some insult to injury, in October of 2013 Lord Truscott, a member of the UK House of Lords, announced that he had nominated Vladmir Putin for a Nobel Peace Prize. This came only a few days after a Russian activist group, The International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation, said they had done the same thing. They both cited Putin’s efforts to prevent a US airstrike on Bashar al Assad’s weapons facilities as reason enough in their eyes for Putin’s nomination. Sadly, Vladimir Putin’s genocide of Chechnya, war on Georgia, and his position as Bashar al Assad’s weapons supplier did not enter anyone’s head. The month prior to this incident of cognitive dissonance a charity organization known as Action on Armed Violence published a report detailing twelve of the most fatal explosive weapons being used indiscriminately against the Syrian people. Ten of these twelve weapons are Russian-made and 93% of the deaths from these weapons are civilians. The ODAB-500 PM, the infamous “vacuum bomb” used by the Russian military to commit genocide in Chechnya, is now being used by the Syrian military to commit genocide in Syria. The Russian company that manufactures the jets capable of dropping these bombs sold $2.6 billion worth of them in 2011. The Syrian military began to use these cluster bombs in 2012. They are an internationally banned weapon. The ones being used by the Syrian military have been identified as being AO-1SCh antipersonnel fragmentation bomblets. No country other than the Soviet Union in the 1970’s and 1980’s is known to have produced these specific type of bomblets.[20]


The Syrian people did not expect multiple American leftist news outlets to cover up the gas attack in Ghouta in an effort to prevent any kind of humanitarian intervention. An American website known as Mint Press News reported that Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia had given the FSA chemical weapons which they then then mismanaged and thus caused the mass deaths of August 21, 2013. This fraudulent allegation was widely circulated on the internet and cited by Russian government officials as proof that Bashar al Assad was not behind the massacre even though they know he is. The authors of the article are unknowns and nothing has been found of their previous work.[21] The American anti-war movement has become the American anti-genocide prevention movement. They are not the ones demanding that the Obama administration send gas masks to the Syrians, rather, they would prefer that Syrian lives remain as cannon fodder for their political agendas. Because Syrians are mostly Muslim this has brought out the worst Islamophobic tendencies within the American leftist community. Certainly they would not blame both sides of the conflict in regards to the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, but then again, those resistance fighters were Jewish and European. Their short-lived outrage over a possible airstrike on the Assad regime as a response to the massacre in Ghouta proved to be just as artificial as the Russian state propaganda they promoted. Justin Raimando, the founder of, labeled the Ghouta massacre as a “hoax” and Rania Masri, a popular mouth-piece for Palestinian solidarity, blamed the FSA for most of the destruction Syria has seen.[22] Someone didn’t get the memo that the Assad regime’s annihilation of the country is good for Israel. An Arab despot who crushes his own people always has a special place in the Zionist heart, especially if those people are religious Muslims whose greatest desire is to see Palestine liberated. Also, an anti-Iran sentiment is being sown in the Arab world as a result of its colonization of Syria. Certainly Israel approves of any distraction from its ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Hezbollah is too busy murdering Syrians to cause Israel much trouble. Lastly, Israel no longer faces any pressure to give up the Golan Heights.[23]


Despite Hezbollah’s anti-Israel rhetoric Hezbollah is killing Syrians, both Muslim and non-Muslim, whom it accuses of being “takfiris” in Syria, and this is far from the Israeli front. Both Iran and Israel are well aware of the situation. The West and Iran are fighting the same battle. Israel has always relied on corrupt Arab despots like Bashar al Assad to put down the masses for them, and thus the Jewish apartheid state prefers secular tyrants over Islamic democratic movements, whether they be in Palestine, Egypt, or Syria. Even Hezbollah fighters got gassed by the Syrian government's chemical weapons attack in Ghouta. The State Department didn't translate the intercepts they got about the upcoming gas attack into English right away, thus Obama didn't know what Bashar al Assad was planning until the assault began. Calls came to Bashar about the gas attack from Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. Russia knows the US knows that Assad has these chemical weapons. If one were to continue to connect the dots, Vladimir Putin knows that Barack Obama that Vladimir Putin knows that Bashar al Assad has these chemical weapons. Putin rang Assad to scorn him for the massacre in Ghouta, and then lied to the US and said that no chemical weapons attack took place.


If the West had reached out more to the Free Syrian Army and used them to listen in live to regime intercepts Syrian lives could’ve been saved. Lives also could’ve been saved a year earlier when gas masks were requested. However, if the US had actually bothered to translate the regime intercepts into English before the chemical weapons attack in Ghouta took place, they still might not have acted. The US had already been monitoring Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles since March of 2011. It watched Bashar al Assad’s state security apparatus carry out several smaller chemical attacks prior to what happened in Ghouta. A major crime against humanity was allowed to take place because the US did not want to have to respond.[24] As the American Left celebrated its victory of preventing an intervention that was never going to happen anyway, systematic terror-famines became the cheapest weapon dealt out by Bashar al Assad. The Syrian regime cut all humanitarian supplies to the town of Moadamiyah in early 2013 and by October it was starving to death.[25] Human progress is a myth, but the science of genocide is not.


The Syrian people asked for a No Fly Zone in 2011, 2012, and again in 2013. They still have not received one. The thought process that went behind the No Fly Zones of the 1990’s, such as in the former Yugoslavia and Iraqi Kurdistan, was as follows; an aggressively enforced No Fly Zone would aid civilians being annihilated by their own military, prevent further escalation of the conflict, and end the conflict more quickly with a healthy threat of airstrikes to regime weapons facilities. Are these objectives limited? Yes. Are they worthless to the victims of relentless aerial bombardment? Absolutely not. By the spring of 2013 the death toll was placed at 70,000. Bashar al Assad’s scorched-earth tactics displaced 3.6 million people inside Syria and forced 1.3 million to seek refuge outside of the country.[26] The Pentagon, Congress, the American public, and even the self-appointed “anti-war”/ “humanitarian” crowd remains uninterested and indifferent. It’s obvious that the current Syrian regime is not looking for a political solution that involves the popular will of the people. It’s also obvious that the US is not interested in the well-being of the Syrian people, nor democracy in the region. The evolution of a fatalistic discourse on Syria strangely coincides with a foreign policy increasingly suited to the status quo and adverse to the idea of having to make concessions with countries such as Iran; Baathist power without Bashar al Assad. The Syrian people did not expect the West to hand Syria under the table to Iran in exchange for a nuclear weapons deal. The old Sunni order is collapsing alongside the mosques of Syria under heavy bombardment by regime warplanes.

One devastating effect of Bashar al Assad’s terror campaign is that the Alawites will not be safe anywhere other than Tehran and Moscow. Much like the rising anti-Jewish sentiment in the Arab world following one of Israel’s daily atrocities against the Palestinians, the Alawite community is now experiencing discrimination along the same vein. How exactly ethnic cleansing, dispossession, apartheid, land theft, child killing, and military occupation in the name of Judaism are supposed to make the Middle East safer for Jewish people is anyone’s guess. The same question can now be put to Bashar al Assad’s claims of protecting the minorities. For Syria to be handed over to Iran by the West also means that Lebanon has been handed over to Iran. There will be more Rafik Hariris. In late December of 2013 Lebanese politician Mohammed Chattah was killed by a car bomb in Beirut. A former ambassador to the US and a senior aide to ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri, he was an outspoken critic of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah. Four Lebanese people were also killed and seventy were wounded by the explosion. Mohammed Chattah was a prominent economist, one of the closest aides of Rafik Hariri, a pillar of Lebanon’s Sunni community, and now he’s dead. His last tweet, posted only an hour before the explosion, read: "Hezbollah is pressing hard to be granted similar powers in security & foreign policy matters that Syria exercised in Lebanon for 15 yrs."[27]


The resistance establishment has no qualms about pretending to fight Zionism down to the last Lebanese, the last Palestinian, and now the last Syrian. The Lebanese people are hostages to the Syrian Nakba, and the Lebanese state is a hostage to Iranian colonial ambitions.[28] By the end of 2013 Shia jihadists from Iraq by the thousands have been ushered into Syria by Iran to assist Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard keep Assad afloat. While Assad proclaims that political Islam is a failure, Shia jihadism is saving his life. Some claim that Shiism demands the suspension of jihad until the emergence of the Hidden Imam, but this religious tenet doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone. Shia jihadism, fighting a holy war in the name of the religion, is almost unheard of, but the exploitation of a path to God in order to serve man’s imperialist ambitions is nothing new.[29] The Syrian government as a resistance regime? Resistance to what exactly? Democracy? Human rights? No counterrevolutionary-posing-as-leftist should be able to get away with such a blatantly inaccurate slogan ever again.


If the allegedly “pro-Palestinian” crowd in the West wants to prevent normalization with the Jewish state perhaps they should demand that Hezbollah stop imperializing Syrian towns for Iran and instead deliver food and medical supplies to Yarmouk.


This is what happens when resistance becomes co-opted by imperialist forces. It becomes a t-shirt, a brand name, a sound byte, and nothing more. It cannot be denied that Israel and its American supporters have built a “Holocaust industry” from the ground up. Iran and Syria want to meet this with a, dare I say, resistance industry. It’s because of anti-Western propaganda directed at leftist Americans that both the Iranian and Syrian regimes have managed to get away with holding onto their alleged anti-imperialist credentials while exacting imperialism of their own. Clearly, Palestine will not be freed by mass murdering dictators and it will not be freed by highly sectarian minorities who take orders from Tehran and Moscow. Not one day went by in the lives of the Syrian people when they did not carry the cause of Palestine in their minds and hearts. Unfortunately, the sentiment has not been reciprocated. The Syrian people did not expect mainstream allegedly pro-Arab solidarity outlets in the English speaking world to remain sinfully silent even in the face of such gruesome evidence, and they definitely did not expect the likes of staunch Republican John McCain to be the one to reveal these photos to his colleagues on the senate floor, demanding the West to step up to plate and intervene constructively. The American leftist community places itself on a humanitarian pedestal, yet it could not have been less interested in stopping the Ba’athist killing machine. The basics of Syrian history and the long trail of Muslim victims who have perished at the hands of Russian imperialism are unknown to them, whether they be Crimean, Chechnya, or Syrian. The Syrian diaspora in the US who had marched against American aggression in Iraq in 2003 found themselves berated at various liberal gatherings. Syrian, Russian, and Iranian state propaganda was spewed back out at them by bourgeoisie hipsters who had zero awareness of Syria’s history, people, and their seemingly never-ending struggle against Ba’athist tyranny.[30]


The Syrians and their Palestinian neighbors did not expect to become the new Kurds. Following Saddam Hussein’s gas attack in Halabja many in the Arab world kissed his boots and hoped he’d do the same to Tel Aviv. Numerous leftist/anti-imperialist intellectuals, from Tariq Ali to Joseph Massad, who today demonize the Syrian people for asking for a humanitarian intervention, did the same to the Kurdish people being annihilated by both the Iraqi and Turkish militaries. For an imperialist force, such as Iran, to co-opt an anti-imperialist movement, such as the Palestinian case, the entire indigenous liberation campaign becomes disrupted and ineffectual no matter how much Israeli hummus Palestine's Western supporters decide to boycott.  The siege of Yarmouk coupled with the silence about its suffering, if not outright support for its suffering, from mainstream Palestinian solidarity news outlets and leaders personified this disruption. Simultaneously, Russian state propaganda has thoroughly infected both Zionist and anti-Zionist English-speaking media. The baseless smears of terrorism against Syria’s revolutionaries followed by the baseless smears of antisemitism against Ukraine’s revolutionaries prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Following Vladimir Putin’s policies of brutalization in Kiev earlier this year the running joke amongst advocacy groups for Syrians was, “Hezbollah wants to know if there’s a shrine they need to go protect in Ukraine.” The Syrian people did not expect the Chechnya treatment; to all be labeled as terrorists and to have both Western leftists and rightists believe that to be true. Now not only are Americans telling Syrians that they don’t know what they’re talking about, but Arabs outside of Syria are also telling Syrians that they don’t know what they’re talking about. We’ve taken a bus to Crazy Town, or more specifically, the Neo-Orientalist district.


Bordering on that fine line between failing state and failed state, all that was needed was a precise combination of sparks to set off the Syrian uprising of 2011, much like the Palestinian intifadas of the past. The Syrian people did not need a Western imperialistic attack to make them suffer humiliation for decades and decades. The Syrian regime did not wait for a Western imperialist attack to implement its neo-liberal policies of economic strangulation. When it comes to stealing national wealth for the interest of a small elitist group of people and the corporations that they run, the Assad dynasty is guilty ten times over. Any vocal criticism of the government made one a target of persecution by the police state long before the eruption in the spring of 2011. In 2011 after decades of sustained oppression the political culture of Syria suddenly tried to assert its full mental and emotional capacities. Many feel it was long over do. Even without the issues of police-state tactics relentlessly brutalizing the population for years and years the economic problems had created a recipe for disaster all on their own.[31] Standing up to these death squads would’ve been a daunting task to anyone.  Syria’s security services are an omnipresent way of life. There are 70,000 full time security agents and hundreds of thousands of part-time personnel. By 2011 there was one intelligence officer for every 240 people. The Syrian regime’s funding for these security services came in at $3 billion every year; one third of the budget. The fifteen different security branches were not only oppressive, but also random. They practiced a pre-emptive intimidation that created an atmosphere of constant paranoia.[32] Today both the Zionist and anti-Zionist establishment would prefer it if the Syrian revolution were to drown in its own blood. This is how Arab/Muslim resistance to the Jewish state ends; by collaboration with the West under the false pretense of anti-Western imperialism. The Syrian people did not expect the severity of the ongoing betrayal of Arab solidarity. The old order has been shattered and the icons of resistance have failed. From Leila Khaled to Fairouz, the elders have chosen to express their solidarity with the Assad regime and Iran’s proxy militias rather than the Syrian and Palestinian civilians they are continuing to annihilate through terror-famines, mass rape, indiscriminate aerial bombardments, and massacres by machine guns. Enter The Protocols of the Elders of anti-Zionism. Ba’athism is dead, but Basharism is not. Resistance has become a brand name. It has been co-opted by imperialist forces who are responsible for the deaths of Palestinian people, and have been responsible for the deaths of Palestinian people since the Lebanese civil war. While the Western Left engages in pseudo-intellectual masturbation over the New World Order, Syria commits itself to the revolution and fights for its soul.


The severe defects of the post-colonial Arab state have been exposed by Bashar al Assad’s genocidal campaign of government repression.[33] As a direct result of his actions combined with the imperialistic drives of Iran and Russia, and the incompetency of the United Nations in the face of such relentless ethnic cleansing, all the potential is there for Syria to become a failed state, trapped in a civil war, with a rising Al Qaeda-inspired element.[34] The apocalyptic devastation we are witnessing today was not inevitable, but the Arab Spring was. The Syrian people have thrown off the chains of the Turkish and French occupiers previously. Once Hafez al Assad was six feet under his son didn’t stand a chance. When the son falls it will be one step in the Syrian peoples’ journey towards reconciliation. Abandoned by the West, such an undertaking will span decades. The Ba’athist kind of, dare I say, tribal imperialism, can only rule through brutal terror and oppression. This is exacerbated when a minority rules. Sectarian animosity has been relentlessly exacerbated by the regime’s narratives and actions, not by the popular rebellion for democracy. Sectarian blackmail remains one of the last tools in Bashar’s arsenal that can still mobilize large segments of the Syrian population to support him. Every undermining of the government, no matter how slight, is seen as a challenge to the neo-Ba’athist tribal hegemony. Such a security state apparatus, by its very nature, is destined to be immersed in a bloodbath of its own making. The horrors in Syria today are absolutely comparable to the Nazi death camps, yet the American anti-Zionist Left is denying their pain while quoting Hannah Arendt. Even American pro-Palestinian organizations are describing the Syrian people as Wahabi-NATO-Zionists. Lebanese pseudo-secular hipsters and Hezbollah fanboys don´t know, or seem to care, that Iran cooperated with George W. Bush in Iraq but they use the disastrous Iraq war as an example for not intervening in Syria. They don´t even know basic facts about Syria, and as a result, Western Leftists have become pro-fascists; they are making speeches in praise of Assad in Syria itself - at the scene of the genocide. Others, often the same ones who refused to recognize George Bush's election results, were praising Assad's alleged victory in the farcical election there over the forces of imperialism and Islamism.


This is not unlike going to Germany to praise Hitler's plan to “settle the Jews in the east” as a victory over the Jewish plot. At least the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide did not attempt to have a presidential election in the middle of the bloodshed. The Western Left has become an obstruction in the way of truth, life and freedom… at least for Syrians; the victims of this generation’s greatest humanitarian crisis. Real revolutionaries, and anyone with some common human decency, should treat these fascists the same way they treat any other fascists; with absolute contempt.



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