Rami Jarrah on the Russian bombings in Syria


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INT: Earlier I spoke to the Syrian journalist Rami Jarrah. I asked him what he believed what could be the purpose of bombing hospitals and civilians.

RJ: What we have in let’s say Aleppo is 300,000 people that still live in the city. Over the past five years the Syrian regime has been trying to force people out of the city and evidence of that are the millions of Syrians that are scattered across the world who had to leave Syria for fear of their lives. There are a number that have decided they are not going to leave. Even with all this chaos and all these horrendous attacks they’ve decided they are not going to leave. By targeting these services such as local markets, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, bakeries, and this is what we’ve seen, what they are doing is that they are eliminating any hope that there is some sort of security for those that live in a situation of war. If I’m attacked and something happens to me or my family members, if there is a hospital nearby then that’s a bit comforting compared to there not being one. The Russians and the Syrians are taking this very seriously and it’s very obvious, I mean, we’ve seen four hospitals, four clinics that have been targeted in the past month in northern Syria and that does sort of bring to question whether this is systematic or not. It’s definitely systematic.

INT: When you refer to civilians are you referring basically to people that the Russians and the Syrians will regard as moderates or are you referring to literally anybody who isn’t in a uniform?

RJ: We have to be frankly. Any single civilian that lives in these areas has a member in their family who’s a fighter and it’s because they are from these areas and they are defending these areas. They are defending their homes. The Russians and the Syrians, the Syrian regime to be specific, are basically pointing their fingers and saying these are fundamentalist groups that we are targeting. And they are doing this in a sort of devious manner where “we decide who are terrorists and who are not terrorists”.

INT: You’ve spelled out basically what the Russians want to do is to get anybody who opposes Assad out and to consolidate what is left of the Assad regime. How long will it take?

RJ: They are pushing Islamophobia to say that this is your problem when in fact there is an opposition to Assad that is legitimate, that is moderate and that just wants to see regime change. It doesn’t want to see dictatorship, it wants to end that. And they know that if they were to stand alone against an opposition that is that legitimate they would loose in the eye of the international community. They want to destroy this opposition before they would destroy Islamic fundamentalists.

INT: Given that it is virtually impossible for the western media, for example, really to cover what is happening now in Syria and given that there is no desire for western intervention, how does this get stopped?

RJ: I think international community, I mean people, pressure, against that theory that refuses this idea, refuses the death of civilians, is the only thing that can turn this around. What that requires is people to understand what is actually happening in Syria and people do not understand what is actually happening in Syria. It is played with this Islamophobic nonsense. 



Islamophobia is what is being pushed for in order to fool the viewer on Syria into accepting the idea of civilians paying the price due to "collateral damage" 

First the excuse was ISIS, and once agreed upon by all sides that this element should be isolated the Russians and the Syrian regime continued to bombard areas such as Aleppo and Idlib and many other parts of the country that saw no signs of the group. once that became totally apparent to the viewer the Russians/Syrian Regime selected a new scapegoat: Al Nusra. 

What is worrying is that this is a never ending cycle where there will always be an excuse to bomb civilians in order to eliminate any legitimate opposition to Assad and force all that oppose and remain into submission. 

Sergei Lavrov the Russian foreign minister made a disturbing statement saying that "the problem is that these extremists are located with the civilians" so basically as long as there is a scapegoat and the means we will keep killing civilians. what is the purpose of bombing hospitals? for those involved in this conflict its honestly quite clear; destroying local services will force the civilian population out and clear Syria of those that oppose the Assad regime. if killing civilians in the process is the price, it has become quite obvious that that is a sacrifice they are willing to make for an ultimate cause: Power.

I know that many find this hard to believe, but ethics and the obvious logic is not what you should be using to truly understand what is happening in Syria. Politics has reached its peak in hypocrisy today, and to sit by and watch this happen with clear knowledge of the ironic outcome we are all going to face as citizens of this world is not only frustrating but a reason to lose total faith in the world we live in.


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