Channel your inner Barry White and use your "Love Voice" in white 'debates'!


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By Oriana P.

After the attacks in Brussels the renewed calls for unity and togetherness sounded a lot more urgent. The terrorists should not be allowed to break up society, it was cried all over the place. Sowing discord is exactly what they're after and we shouldn't give them what they want. “We are all one”. “We are all equal”. One may chant it a bit louder than the other and the sentiment behind it is beautiful but obviously this disharmony is a longstanding fact and inequality has never been away no matter how hard our Enlightened Knights are shouting that we need to defend our western values, including, oh the irony, that very same equality. It is precisely because of this factual inequality and discrimination, and the resulting frustration, anger and helplessness, Daesh (IS) is able to recruit. The punks from the seventies already yelled “no future” and decades later this is more applicable than ever to the young descendants of immigrants, who were never given any opportunities in the western society in which they grew up and of which they were never allowed to really be part of. The racism of the West is the main ingredient for the breeding ground of terrorist groups such as Daesh but many refuse to see this and stubbornly continue to insist that "they" are out to destroy "our" values.


With “they” all Muslims are meant, oh yes, why not? As a strong example of an absurd paranoid imagination, one that should only be reserved for crazy Hollywood B-movies such as Sharknado, Muslims are suspected of a hidden agenda that wants to “Islamize” the western world. It's one of the most stubborn conspiracy theories out there and while conspiracy theories in most cases simply provide the necessary comic relief to get through a boring day but usually never make it past your regular far-right and pseudo-left sites, David Icke's reptiles come to mind, this one is actually being propagated both by government officials and mainstream media in subtle and not so subtle forms. Every attack is then seen as confirmation of this irrational fear. See? "They" hate us. "They" hate "our" way of life, "they" hate "our" values. Look at how they live in “Muslimcountries”. Well yes, if the values are racism and discrimination and supporting dictators in the Middle East that are oppressing Muslims then indeed this will be looked upon with irritation and offense.


The so bragged about western values that so urgently need to be defended exist mostly in theory and in the imagination of the white Western populations. Reality paints a very different picture and only those that benefit of the continuation of inequality or have some privileges to defend are blind as a bat to this reality. Take for example the value "equality between men and women." Nowhere in the world equality between men and women exists, including western countries, and it is therefore highly inappropriate to use women and women's rights as an argument to back up any kind of standpoint but even more when that standpoint is essentially racist. You can't argue inequality with more inequality. It just doesn't work that way. It's a nice value though this equality between men and women. It would be even nicer if it actually existed but this is not the case even though westsuprematic racists live under the illusion that “their” women are very much equal and liberated in the west. So convinced are they of the superiority and enlightened modernity of the West they take ideal for truth. Every real feminist should strongly speak out against this abuse of women and women's rights. Hiding behind women, speaking for women and violating the truth about women's rights is sexist and paternalistic and should never be tolerated.


Another perceived value, which apparently must urgently be defended, is the right to free speech. Indeed as ideal there's no arguments against it but in the context of an unequal society this right actually becomes a weapon in the hands of the dominant group to push aside already marginalized groups and silence them since all the channels through which opinions are able to flow are under the control of that dominant group.


After any one of these attacks everyone starts analyzing in a hurry or rather create the illusion an attempt is made for analysis. Really getting to the bottom of things never really happens and that has everything to do with the fact that the media is in the hands of the group that doesn't want to give up its position, and the related privileges, at the top. These days Muslims sometimes get to sit at the discussion table but only when the topic is terrorism or racism. Only then are they summoned because the intended effect is to look fair and balanced but it is understood they should adhere to the rules. Don't dare to get angry because nothing will be achieved by this, they are told bluntly. What actually is meant by this is to please not deviate from the normative form and content of the white western suprematic discourse. How dare Muslims get angry by the way when, in a “decent” and “civilized” manner, the good folks blame them for the attacks because of their religion and culture that, in that same “decent” and “civilized” manner, is called backwards against the light of the superior west?


This demand of the dominant group for discriminated and targeted people to always use their “love voice” in discussions that actually are about their discrimination is in and of itself racist. It is a way to silence the voices of those discriminated against and negate their justified anger, which is a normal and understandable reaction to the injustice in society and to the hypocrisy being displayed at that very moment. You cannot in one breath chant the desire for unity, equality and solidarity while at the same time place your own culture above all others. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see that those two don't add up unless what is meant by equality is that the other culture completely dissolves into the dominant culture and becomes invisible, which is pretty much the definition of racism.


Discriminated people are also often reprimanded for their language. Harsh words such as “radical” or “attack” are unacceptable. That would only scare people away where the goal is unity. As a white person, who does not experience daily discrimination and racism, it is impossible to estimate the anger and frustration of people who are suffering this constantly. It is therefore a testimony of infinite arrogance to chastise victims of discrimination that are fighting back for their choice of words. What actually is being said is that you should adjust in your struggle against racism and we, the white people, who are never being discriminated against, will explain to you how to best engage in that struggle. Because, well, we know better. Always. Not a single thought is being given to the possibility that maybe white people could adjust a bit for a change or, in their wish to find a unifying language, maybe learn the language of those being discriminated against and declare solidarity.


The call for unity and togetherness is meaningless, hypocritical and an outright lie when accompanied by a sense of superiority and the demand that the “love the voice” is used at all times. It is in essence vulgar racism lurking beneath the thin veil of the peace, love and unity discourse and the question arises as to which unity is actually referred here. Unity with the oppressed against oppressors or that unity that confirms the status quo? Only those that are closer to the elites or want to improve their status and those who prefer the status quo will feel threatened by the anger and the true pursuit for change of those discriminated against. The overthrow of institutional racism cannot be achieved by organizing drum circles and singing Kumbaya. Elites will not give up their privileges, and by extension inequality, just because they are asked nicely.


“you have to treat them nice & gentle
do nothing rash, they’re sensitive
you must be somewhat sentimental
respectful of the way they live
don’t let your dogs attack them on the street 

embrace the fascists where you may meet

if they should call for hate or violence 

just let them talk, it is their right
& keep your protestations silent
you wouldn’t want to start a fight
for fighting is what they do best 

embrace the fascists & you’ll be blessed

& if they fire their guns upon you

is life so precious in your eyes?

you would be sheep with wolves around you

why not be gladly victimized?

& if you feel inside your guts

the Nazi dagger’s blade

embrace the fascists that you have made”

~ Kurt Tucholsky, 1931

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