Petition to stop extra-judicial executions in North Caucasus


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Petitioning the President of the Russian Federation, V.v. Putin, the deputies of the State Duma and the Federation Council from the Kabardino-Balkar Republic


Stop extra-judicial executions *


"The reason for the creation of this petition is to voice the indignation and outrage of the residents of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic who are fed up with federal Counter-Insurgence Operations (CTO) imposed on the territory of the Republic. The latest CTO has caused a storm of outrage in socal networks.


Under the guise of the fight against terrorism and religious extremism the lives of the local youth of the Caucaus, who do not have weapons or guns, are being destroyed without any trial. They are often recent former students, who have not had time to even marry, have children and create a family.


Often during these so-called special operations, residents of the entire village suffer. Routinely, residents from multi-storey houses are awakened at 3 am, forced to leave and "blocked" from their homes. This includes children, the sick, the disabled and the elderly. People in nearby housing complexes are awoken by numerous explosions and gun fire.


The figures from just one month: from June 30th to August 3rd, 2015 - in four (4) CTO's 17 people have been killed in Kabardino-Balkaria, including a 20-year old pregnant woman.


There have been kidnappings of young men by officers in masks and without masks, even in front of witnesses. Who can explain to us what the purpose of these kidnappings are and why are these things happening? Why do young healthy men disappear to nowhere?


Why is all this necessary?


These continued actions lead to retaliatory violence. As a result, people die from both sides. Those who are killed are Caucasian men, young, healthy, praying Muslims and the police.


Notice that all those who are kidnapped (and assumed killed) are young, unmarried men with no children and how many children remain unborn because of this? Is this not a program titled "Caucasus without Caucasians"?


Is it possible to imagine that in a civilized country lawyers are given the run around through departments while in search of their clients for days? As it later turned out their clients had been subjected to torture and illegal methods of investigation.


We, the people of the Republic, perceive these actions of systematic murder without fair trial of our young people by law enforcement agencies not as protecting our rights, freedom and from the dangers of terrorism but rather as the destruction of our gene pool.


We are outraged by these actions from the authorities. Only an independent court has the right to declare the guilt of an individual.


Why are such illegal activities able to take place in the Caucasus?


How are we expected to settle with only the option of aggravating or worsening of the situation rather than finding a solution to the escalation of the conflict and alleviating it?


How can the lack of investigation into the numerous violations of laws of the "siloviki" and impunity of law be explained?


Why aren't you using the vast resources of the government and society to stop this war?


Why not use the path of dialogue and negotiation?


We demand that the president of the Russian Federation, the guarantor of the Constitution and of our rights and freedoms, as well as the deputies of the state Duma stop the systemic murder and unlawful persecution of our youth!"


This video (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) is a recent example of what these (CTO) "anti-terror operations" look like.

Rustam Kodzokov, of Nalchik, had been a free man for just 6 months following a 9 year sentence, when he was kidnapped by Russian FSB at his parole's weekly check-in. He ended up being tortured and murdered. Weapons were planted near his body and everyone was told he had died while resisting police. His body was given back to the family who recorded a video of his corpse - they found evidence of torture: cigarette burns, a severed finger, a backwards broken arm, burns and cuts all over his body, a broken neck, etc....These kinds of torture cases have been occuring for two decades now but the world keeps ignoring.


Editor's note:

Shortly following the publication of the translation of this petition it was learned that the first prisoner on hunger strike in the history of the Russian Federation, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, had died. It is important to make note of this because it happened in Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkar Republic and because of the background of the prisoner. This event is part of the ongoing struggle of the peoples of the Caucasus, who are fighting against these corrupt police tactics of extra-judicial executions and kidnappings of the youth of the Caucasus.


With the death of a prisoner on hunger strike Russia reinstated yet another Soviet tradition. Sergei Kaziyev died on August 21, 2015 in the Nalchik SIZO, or pre-trial detention unit, after being on hunger strike for three months. He was 40 years old and leaves a mother, a sister and a daughter.


Kaziyev had been sentenced to 14 1/2 years in prison colony and his only demand was to finally be sent to prison so he could then appeal, as was his right, to be released on the grounds of health reasons. Instead, he was kept at the SIZO and effectively allowed to die because the appeal had not yet been heard by the Supreme Court.


Kaziyev and 56 other men were sentenced on Dec 23rd, 2014 on charges related to the attacks of Oct. 2005 on police and security facilities in Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria Republic of the Russian Federation). The attacks had been carried out by inexperienced Muslims in retaliation of the systematic abduction of young men by the Russian Federal Forces. Such abductions had been notorious throughout the Northeren Caucasus and have resulted in numerous cases where the European Court of Human Rights has found Russia in violation of the European Convention and especially in violation of the Right to Live. The attacks were a disaster with 95 of the assailants killed (officially during battle but, according to lawyers and human rights activists, about half were killed after being captured and then murdered in cold blood), as well as 35 federal forces and 14 civilians.


There were very serious concerns over the case, which lasted 9 years with the trial itself going on for 4 1/2 years. Despite the large numbers of defendants and the wide range of charges, not one person was found guilty of direct killings. Yet all defendants were convicted and some received life sentences. According to well known journalist Orkhan Dzhemal:

"In other words, there was a revolt with a battle lasting 24 hours in which none of the defendants was responsible for any of the deaths. It would seem there was more political than criminal content in the trial"

Some of the attackers who were killed had obviously been beaten first. At least two are reported to have had bullet wounds indicating an execution style killing. Many of the convicted defendants had alibis while others admitted to having agreed to take part but declared they had fled without firing a single shot. The reports indicate that the case against the men was largely based on testimony that had almost certainly been obtained under torture.



Read Full Report here: (EN/RU):

First Russian prisoner to die on hunger strike:

[RU] Первый российский политический узник скончался от голодовки:


Background information:

* This petition is a desperate move from a desperate people who will do whatever they can and in any way they can think of to save the lives of their family members and of their people. What is to be expected from an occupying, fascist, corrupt, and imperialist terrorist state with an agenda of colonization, ethnic cleansing and genocide of indigenous peoples whose trials are fixed? What hope lies in demanding the oppressor to be less oppressive? The real solution is decolonization and freedom from imperialist terrorist Russia but for that support is needed. In the meantime, a petition might get the attention of the rest of the world. A world that has been indifferent to the crimes against humanity and to the atrocities against the peoples of North Caucasus for far too long.

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