Syria: Media Reports from Idlib and Damascus 9/2-9/3/2014


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ANA Press: Photo shows destruction in Maarat Al Nouman after an air strike on Wednesday. 
[IT] ANA Associazione Nuovi Media: Foto scattata mercoledì a Maarat Al Nouman dopo un attacco aereo.
En Español ANAPRESS_Español Syria | Septiembre 3, 2014

Syrian warplanes resumed shelling today on Idlib province dropping several barrel bombs on the Maarat Al Nouman area, leading to a number of wounded among civilians, and carrying out air strikes on the Kafranbel and Saraqeb areas; three young brothers were also killed by an air strike of Syrian Forces on their home in the Al Nuqair village, which was targeted by two air strikes, while the villages of the Sahel Al Rouj area and its surroundings were subjected to artillery shelling from the Al Maasara and Basqoul regime checkpoints. Furthermore, regime tanks shelled the Mar'yan village leading to the death of a man and his wife in addition to several wounded.

L'aviazione siriana ha ripreso oggi i bombardamenti sulla provincia di Idlib, sganciando barili esplosivi sulla cittadina di Maarat al Nouman, dove diversi civili sono rimasti feriti, e bombardando le località di Kafranbel e Saraqeb; tre giovani fratelli sono inoltre rimasti uccisi da un attacco aereo che ha colpito la loro abitazione nel villaggio di Al Nuqair (colpita da due attacchi), mentre i villaggi della zona di Sahel Al Rouj e dintorni sono stati soggetti a colpi di artiglieria da parte delle forze del regime posizionate ai posti di blocco di Al Maasara e Basqoul. Inoltre, carri armati del regime hanno bombardato il villaggio di Mar'yan causando la morte di un uomo e della moglie e provocando diversi feriti.

Videos from 3rd of September 2014
Scenes of despair after three young brothers were killed by an air strike of Syrian Forces on their home in Al Nuqair village.
Scene di disperazionedopo che tre giovani fratelli sono rimasti uccisi da un attacco aereo sulla loro abitazione nel villaggio di Al Nuqair

Panic among civilians after the second air strike on Al Nuqair village / Panico tra i civili dopo il secondo attacco aereo sul villaggio di Al Nuqair 



Smoke rising from the Kafranbel area of Idlib province after an air strike / Fumo che si leva da Kafranbel a causa dei bombardamenti aerei

Aerial shelling by a Syrian helicopter on Maarat Al Nouman / Bombardamenti da parte di un elicottero del regime su Maarat Al Nouman

Aftermath of an air strike on Saraqeb. Effects of shelling in a civilian house in Saraqeb / Effetti dei bombardamenti aerei in un'abitazione di Saraqeb


Videos taken in Saraqeb on the 2nd of September 2014
Video ripresi a Saraqeb il 2 settembre 2014:

Smoke rising after aerial shelling from Syrian warplanes
Fumo che si leva dopo i bombardamenti aerei da parte delle forze del regime siriano

First moment after an air strike on Saraqeb / Primi momenti dopo un attacco aereo su Saraqeb
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Effects of shelling in civilian houses / Effetti dei bombardamenti nelle abitazioni

Damascus- 3rd of September, 2014 - [IT] ANA Associazione Nuovi Media #Damasco, #Siria - 3 settembre 2014 - 
Damascus media report 932014.jpg
ANA Press: Photo shows thick smoke rising from the Jobar district of Damascus. Photo source ‎عدسة شاب دمشقي | Lens young Dimashqi‎

Syrian regime forces continued on Wednesday their heavy attack on the Jobar district of the capital Damascus carrying out at least 16 air strikes and using also heavy artillery and rockets to shell the area, where two men were killed and several people were wounded (including a number of children), while violent clashes between regime and opposition forces continued in its outskirts.
[Videos] Heavy aerial shelling from Syrian warplanes targeting the Jobar district of the Syrian capital Damascus

Seven people were killed and dozens wounded by heavy artillery and rocket shelling from Syrian regime forces in the Duma suburb of Damascus, previously subjected to two air strikes, and a man and his little daughter were also killed by shelling in the Kafar Batna suburb, while another child was killed by an air strike of Syrian Forces on a residential area in the Hammouriyeh suburb.
Damascus media report 932014 6.jpg
After shelling from the regime forces in the Duma suburb of Damascus, patches of the victims' blood left in the streets of the market in Duma.

Video: Wounded being treated in a field hospital of Duma, among them also children (Graphic

Damascus media report 932014 5.jpg
Mortar shelling on Duma [Video]

Furthermore, the Hateet Al Jarash area witnessed four air strikes and heavy shelling with surface-to-surface missiles in parallel to violent clashes between regime and opposition forces in its outskirts. In the photo below, Smoke is rising after one of the air strikes on Hateet Al Jarash.
Damascus media report 932014 2.jpg
In central Damascus a shell landed in the Al Rawda area while other two hit civilian houses in the Midan neighborhood leaving a child killed and five women wounded, and according to activists the shells were fired by Syrian regime forces stationed at the Qasioun mountain.
Damascus media report 932014 1.jpg
 Fire that broke out after a shell landed in the Al Rawda area of central Damascus. Photo above is by  ‎عدسة شاب دمشقي | Lens young Dimashqi‎
Damascus media report 932014 3.jpg
In the photo above, Smoke is rising from the Midan area of central Damascus after a mortar shell landed.

ANA Press-GRAPHIC- ‎Deir Ezzor, ‎Syria: 10 children and 5 women have been killed on Wednesday in an air strike of Syrian Forces on a passenger bus carrying them from the Hajin area of Deir Ezzor to Damascus; the following video shows the corpses of some of the killed children.

ANA Associazione Nuovi Media - Video forte: ‎Deir Ezzor, ‎Siria - 3 settembre 2014 - 
Dieci bambini e cinque donne sono rimasti uccisi mercoledì in un attcco aereo condotto dall'aviazione siriana sull'autobus su cui viaggiavano nei pressi della zona di Al Shoula; l'autobus, partito dalla provincia di Deir Ezzor, si stava dirigendo verso Damasco. Nle video seguente i corpi senza vita di alcuni dei bambini rimasti uccisi.

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