Syria: #BreathingDeath Commemorating Actions of Those Killed in Ghouta


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Madamiyah suburb of Damascus 8212014.jpg
[In the photo above: people from Madamiyah preparing for the first anniversary of the chemical attacks. Additional photos can be found here. Video is here:]
ANA Press: 21 August marked the first anniversary of the chemical weapons attacks on the Ghouta areas of Damascus in which over 1400 people had died. A campaign named "Breathing Death" was launched and anti government demonstrations kicked off in Aleppo and Daraa Al Balad to remember the victims, while activists in the Madamiyah suburb of Damascus, one of the sites hit by the chemical attacks, made a short film titled "Bloodless Death".

[Photos from Madamiyah suburb of Damascus]
Moadamiyet Al-Sham Damascus Suburb 8222014.pngMoadamiyet Al-Sham Damascus Suburb 8222014 1.png

Short film made by Syrian activists in the Madamiyah suburb of Damascus on the first anniversary of the chemical attacks that targeted the area can be seen here
Moadamiyet Al-Sham Damascus Suburb 8222014 2.png

A demonstration kicked off in the afternoon in the Bestan Al Qasr area of central Aleppo on the first anniversary of the chemical weapon attacks, 21 August
Bestan Al Qasr area of central Aleppo 8212014.jpg
Bestan Al Qasr area of central Aleppo 8212014 1.jpg
Aleppo Breathing Death 8212014.jpg

People of Daraa Al Balad demonstrating on the first anniversary of the chemical attack that targeted the Ghouta region of Damascus [Video]:

Statement by Organizers of the #BreathingDeath Informational Campaign: "The chemical massacre, which took place in Ghouta- Damascus Suburbs one year ago, was a disgrace to all humanity. For more than two and half years of relentless killing, Assad regime has been using gunfire, artillery and missiles in slaughtering the Syrian people, whose only crime was to demand freedom. The regime went even further and used internationally-banned chemical weapons. The regime’s chemical attack killed, in a matter of minutes, more than one thousand persons, most of whom were women and children, who were peacefully asleep in eastern and western Ghouta."

They also released several videos which detail their campaign and also recap events that happened that day and days that followed. These videos can be found on Breathing Death Youtube Channel
Syrian survivors of the chemical weapons attack and medical workers give their testimonies of what happened in Ghouta on 21 August and days that followed [Video-English Subs]

Syria: List of names from the Chemical Attack in East Ghouta- NYC 08/22/14

An introduction to syria - its history and its present revolutionary struggles by Yasmeen Mobayed

Videos with English subtitles taken one year ago, on August 2013 after the chemical weapon attack:
- A Young Girl Affected by Chemical Weapon Attack on Damascus
- Entire Family Killed by Chemical Weapon Attack [Graphic]
- Man Affected by Chemical Weapon Attack On Damascus

Some videos taken after the chemical weapon attacks on the Ghouta areas of Damascus on August 2013
- Corpses of several victims in Duma
- First moments in a medical point of Duma where many people arrived from the Zamalka suburb after the chemical attack [Graphic]
- Corpses of children killed by the chemical attack (video taken in a medical point of Arbeen)

A photo from the medical point of Arbeen shows corpses of several children
Photo taken in a medical point of Arbeen shows the corpses of two little girls 
More photos of victims (Graphic)

ANA Press: On Friday, 22 August, anti government demonstrations took place in Idlib province and in the Zamalka, Duma and Saqba suburbs of Damascus under the slogan "Breathing Death", to commemorate the victims of the chemical weapon attack on Ghouta a year ago.
Idlib Breathing Death Demo 8222014.jpg
- Idlib province
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Full Photo Album can be found HERE

- Duma, Damascus Suburb
Douma Breathing Death Demo 8222014.jpg
Photo Album

- Zamalka, Damascus suburb

- Saqba, Damascus suburb
Saqba Al Gouta Damascus.jpg
Saqba Al Gouta Damascus 1.jpg

There were also several commemorative Breathing Death actions done outside Syria in several other countries.
On 21 August, outside the White House in Washington DC, US a group of Syrian activists laid 426 paper cardboard coffins, to represent every child that was killed from the poisonous chemical weapons attack and unraveled a banner with 1,429 Syrian people's names, who were killed by that attack, written on a long, red list symbolizing a "red-line"
Washinton DC 8212014.jpg
There was also a Commemorating Breathing Death and solidarity with the Syrian Revolution action done in Times Square in New York, US on 22 August [FULL PHOTO ALBUM OF EVENT ACTION can be viewed HERE and Report with photos from StopMotionsolo]
New York Breathing Death 8222014.jpg
New York Breathing Death 8222014 1.jpg
Archived video of the action done in New York, which was livestreamed at Global Revolution LIVE: Can be viewed hereStopMotionsolo On the front lines and also HERE
Videos by Donatella Barbarella: NYC 08/22/14: 1 year anniversary of Assad's Chemical Attack on East Ghouta, Syria:
NYC 08/22/14 Hamid Imam interview: "Ask me what is happening in Syria!":
Full transcript of Interview with Hamid Imam can be found here on the RAWR Report 

In Houstan, Texas on 21 August a candle lit vigil was held in commemoration of the Syrian victims of chemical weapons attacks
Houstan Texas 8212014.jpg
Minneapolis, St Paul also held a commemorative rally for the Syrian people on 21 August. They hold a banner that reflects their message.
Minneapolis St. Paul Breathing Death 8232014.jpg

A solidarity action with the Syrian Revolution First Anniversary of the Chemical Attacks was done in Berlin, Germany on 23 August. [SEE PHOTOS BY Harald Etzbach 2014]
Germany Global solidarity action Breathing Death 8232014.jpg
Germany Global solidarity action Breathing Death 8232014 3.jpg
A Remembrance March for the Ghouta victims and solidarity rally for the Syrian Revolution was also done in Frankfurt, Germany on 23 August

Frankfurt Germany Breathing Death 8232014.jpg
Frankfurt Germany Breathing Death 8232014 1.jpg

A Breathing Death Die-In Action was done by activists in Milan, Italy's central Square on 23 August to commemorate Syria's Chemical Weapons attack of 21 August [FULL PHOTO ALBUM OF ACTION CAN BE VIEWED HERE]
Milan Italy Die In Breathing Death 8232014.jpg
Milan Italy Die In Breathing Death 8232014 2.jpg
Milan Italy Die In Breathing Death 8232014 1.jpg

A solidarity action with the Syrian Revolution was also done in Ireland on 21 of August to commemorate the chemical weapons attacks in Ghouta
Ireland Breathing Death 8212014.jpg

A Die-In was done in Brussels, Belgium on 21 of August in the central square, following, activists released white ballons into the sky to commemorate the victims killed in Ghouta a year before. [Full Photo Album can be viewed BY Elena Libia HERE and also BY Kevin Van den Panhuyzen HERE
Brussels Belgium Breathing Death 8212014 2.jpg
Brussels Belgium Breathing Death 8212014 1.jpg

Buenos Aires, Argentina 21 August, The Banner Reads: "The Syrian People wants to breath freedom and the dictator Bashar Al Assad made them breath chemmical weapons" [VIDEO REPORT]:
Buenues Argentina Breathing Death 8212014 1.jpg
Buenues Argentina Breathing Death 8212014_0.jpg

Amann, Jordan held a rally outside the Syrian Embassy on 21 August against the chemical weapons used by President Assad on Syrian people
Amman Breathing Death 8212014.jpg

A commemorative rally for the victims of Syrians of chemical wepons was held in Paris, France on 21 August
Paris France Breathing Death 8212014 1.jpg
Paris France Breathing Death 8212014.jpg

Syrians in London marked the anniversary of Assad chemical attack in Ghouta on 21 August [Full Photo Album of event can be found HERE]
London Breating Death 8212014.jpg
London Breating Death 8212014 1.jpg

Oslo, Norway held a rally and commemorative Breathing Death event in their central square. This is what the Organizers of the event reported: "On our event in Oslo [are] some photos. We were about 60 people. Syrians ghatered afterwords for more organizing. We had support from Norwegian Peace Council Umbrella, the trade union affiliated Norwegian Peoples' Aid, Socialist Left party of Oslo, Socialist Youth, The Green party, Green Youth, The Red Party of Oslo, International Socialists and "Syrian activists and friends". National TV 2 and press visited us."
Oslo Norway Breathing Death 8232014.jpg
Oslo Norway Breathing Death 8232014 1.jpg
Bergen, Norway also held a rally and commemorative action on 23 August
Bergen Norway Breathing Death Solidarity 8232014.jpg
Bergen Norway Breathing Death Solidarity 8232014 1.jpg

Canada, Montreal- On 21 August, Montreal peoples gathered for a commemorative rally for the victims of chemical attacks on Ghouta, they also held a candle lit vigil
Montreal Canada Breathing Death 8212014.jpg
Montreal Canada Breathing Death 8212014 1.jpg

Canada, Toronto- A commemorative rally for the Ghouta victims of 21 August was done on 23 August
Toronto Canada Breathing Death 8232014 1.jpg
Toronto Canada Breathing Death 8232014.jpg

Several actions to commemerate the victims of the chemical weapons attack on Ghouta 21 August of 2013 were done in Turkey
In Kayseri, many people gathered to pay respects to Syrian victims and also to show solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. Video of the action can be found here:

21 August-In Sultan Ahmet Square of Istanbul, people gathered for a remembrance candle lit vigil and DIE-IN for the victims of 21 August Ghouta chemical weapons attack
Istanbul Turkey Breathing Death 8212014.jpg
Istanbul Turkey Breathing Death 8212014 1.jpg
Istanbul Turkey Breathing Death 8212014 2.jpg
Earlier in the day, A DIE-IN was also done in Ankara on 21 August
Ankara Breathing Death 8212014.jpg
Ankara Breathing Death 8212014 1.jpg
Ankara Breathing Death 8212014 2.jpg
An additional rally was held on 23 August in Sultan Ahmet Square, Istanbul, in commemoration and remembrance of the victims of the chemical attacks on Ghouta
Istanbul Turkey Breathing Death Sultan Ahmet Square 8232014 1.jpg
Istanbul Turkey Breathing Death Sultan Ahmet Square 8232014.jpg
Istanbul Turkey Breathing Death Sultan Ahmet Square 8232014 2.jpg


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