Nicole Gevirtz Reporting from Palestine. July 31st 2014


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My mom read my paper on Islamic non-violent resistance. I’m amazed. She actually fucking read it. And she cried. This is great. Okay, things will be much better when I get home. My mom read about the beauty of legitimate Quranic jihad and it touched her. Okay, that's fucking awesome.

The mosques are calling for the people of Beit Lahem to go donate blood in Ramallah. I asked while I was there but was told internationals can’t. 

I will be teaching children in Nazareth next week to sing The Beatles 

Still working on getting to Al Lydd so I can get a photo of the giant Syria flag painted on the wall, or so someone else can get a picture of it for us. I’m breathing down the neck of one program coordinator, I’m harassing and stalking one of the tour guides until he calls me back, I’m on top of another program coordinator so that maybe the itinerary this weekend will include a stop in Al Lydd… seriously, I might get the fucking itinerary changed just so I can get this photo. I ain’t fuckin around. If I don’t get that photo I will make sure someone else does. It needs to be seen. It was painted to be seen.

This is America’s genocide in Gaza and Israel is its weapon. Worse than Cast Lead. Can you even imagine that? Can you imagine something even worse than that horror? I am not sleeping and when my brain finally lets me rest there are only nightmares about animal cruelty as metaphors for the situation. Absolutely fucking heartbroken.

Big rally for Gaza coming up in DC on August 2nd… how many SSNP and Hezbollah flags do you think will be in attendance? Dripping with Palestinian-Syrian blood? Should we do shots each time we see one? What should we drink? 

Stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying.

37 settlers stormed the al Aqsa mosque this morning. A 25 year old Palestinian man was found burnt to death in his home last Tuesday. I no longer know what is escalation and what is “the normal” under military occupation. A population of 2 million Palestinian people and yet… quiet. Mostly quiet. What can they do other than donate blood? 

Gaza needs the Ikhwan, but the Ikhwan are all dead and locked up and disempowered. Egypt’s solidarity movement was decimated by the US and the liberal traitors. It will take a generation to undo the damage done by June 30th. 

They wanted me to go visit a settlement today. The joke writes itself. That’s what they think is appropriate at this time, at any time. I am at a loss for words over that one. 

They asked me to engage in a war crime. 
They asked me to engage in a war crime. 
They asked me to engage in a war crime. 
Because it’s normal here. 

It’s one thing for you to want to dialogue with those human garbage cans. That’s your choice. We have free will and you are free to do shit that I think is fucked up. It’s another thing to ask me to step foot in a war crime. 

I went to say goodbye to the Holy Sepulchre instead.

In Christ’s Tomb a sweet old lady, a French Catholic who has lived in Jerusalem for 28 years, spews out Zionist propaganda to me, saying that there are weapons in the schools and that’s why Israel has to bomb the schools. My last memory of the Holy Sepulchre is of a genocide denier in Christ’s Tomb vomiting up hasbara.

The room behind Christ’s Tomb is where the Assyrians pray. It’s empty. I sit on the floor for an hour alone. A stray cat keeps me company.

The sweet old lady from France, who loves Jesus, who was nice to me, who was nice to the stray cat… she’s a murderer, and Arabs and Muslims need to be protected from her. The Nazi does not always wear a uniform.

My little brother, Illyas, his uncle (one of 6-8 uncles) moved to Iraq and became very wealthy. He lived in Baghdad and worked as a stone mason… building castles… for Saddam Hussein. Building castles for the Arab Hitler who annihilated the Kurds and the Shias and the Sunnis and everything he touched. So my host father’s brother was a loyal worker of Saddam Hussein. Yes, that terrifies me. A cog in the death machine, and we are all guilty of that to some degree.

The uncle got rich and was able to care for all his children. Then Saddam invaded Kuwait, the Iraqi currency plummeted, and Illyas’ uncle lost everything. The uncle worked himself to death to rebuild his wealth and died a few years before the American invasion. His children sold everything and moved to Jordan.

Hilarion Capucci. Born in Aleppo in 1922. The retired titular archbishop of Caesarea for the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. 1947; he was ordained a priest of the Basilian Alepian Order. 1965; he was appointed archbishop and consecrated. 1974; he was arrested by the Zionists for smuggling weapons into the West Bank for the Palestine Liberation Army. Sentenced to 12 years in prison. 

Maximos V, the patriarch of the Melkite Church, says "Is this Bishop reprehensible if he thought it was his duty to bear arms? If we go back in history we find other bishops who smuggled weapons, gave their lives and committed other illegal actions to save Jews from Nazi occupation. I do not see why a man who is ready to save Arabs should be condemned." 

Capucci was among the prisoners whose release was demanded by Palestinian plane hijackers in 1975 and 1976. He was released in 1978 due to intervention by the Vatican. 1979; Capucci played a key role during the Iran hostage crisis. He made several visits to the hostages, helped the release of the bodies of the American soldiers who had died in the refueling accident during the rescue mission, and negotiated an agreement for the release of the hostages… but the plan collapsed because the French press published the story before the agreement had been approved by Iran's Parliament. Sons of bitches!

2009; he was on the Lebanese flotilla that tried to reach Gaza. 2010; he was on the Mavi Marmara from Turkey. The Zionists arrested and deported him. During a reception for the return of the Mavi Marmara to Istanbul, he gave a speech to the assembly.

I google his name… and so many photos… of him… happy and smiling… and friendly… with Bashar al Assad… hugging him, holding his photo, standing with the bloody red Ba’athist flag, as recently as 2008.

Stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying.

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