Israel: The last antisemitic state


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by Yassine Channouf 
Translated from Dutch

If Europe was truly worried about the fate of the Jews it would boycott the last antisemitic state, Israel. Zionism is an antisemitic ideology. Israel needs antisemitism, because the more antisemitism the more Jewish migration that guarantees the existence of Israel.

I believe Israel is the last antisemitic state, because Zionism is an antisemitic ideology. In academic circles this has already stopped being a controversial issue. It's purely the ascertainment that Zionism has a lot in common with other antisemitic ideologies, among others Nazism. Both Nazism and Zionism believe that the Jews don't belong in Europe.

Just as Nazism believed that there's no place for the Jews in Europe, so does Zionism believe that there's no place in the world for the Jews than in Palestine. The first Zionist ideologue did not try to hide it in any case. In his published notebooks, Theodor Herzl wrote that “The antisemites shall be our best friend, and the antisemitic countries our best allies”.

Furthermore, he believed correctly that the governments of antisemitic countries would help the Zionists to set up their own country, in order to get rid of their own Jews. After Herzl's death the Zionist movement achieved its first diplomatic victory. In 1917 the British government proclaimed the Balfour declaration. Therein, foreign minister Balfour declared that the British government would do everything in its power to set up a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Less well known is the fact that Balfour campaigned strongly against the immigration of Jews fleeing the pogroms in Russia. One of the motivations of Balfour to support Zionism was the realisation that this way there would be less Jews in Great Britain. But the Zionists were not troubled to be associated with someone like that at all.

Zionist support of Nazism

When the Nazis came to power, the Zionist Jews in Germany were the only Jewish group willing to work together with the Nazis, because they saw therein a great opportunity for the colonial project that is Israel. All other Jewish-German organizations refused in principle to cooperate with the Nazis.

In 1933 the 'Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland' (Zionist Union for Germany) signed an agreement with the Nazis the Ha'avara Agreement that related to monetary compensations. But the cooperation went much further than this. The German-Jewish Zionist organizations were the only among all Jewish-German groups that supported the Nuremberg race laws. The Zionists were thanked for this support by the Nazis, because even after Kristallnacht in 1938 they were allowed to publish the Rundschau, the mouthpiece of the Zionist movement in Germany.

In the meantime, prominent Nazis visited their antisemitic Zionist counterparts in Palestine. Adolf Eichmann was given a tour of Palestine by prominent Nazis. Eichmann (who planned the Holocaust) and the Zionists tried to make a deal, but the British thwarted it.

In spite of the terrible conditions that the German Jews had to live in, the Zionist movement in Palestine rejected two thirds of the migration requests of German Jews. They preferred to allow British and American Jews to migrate, even though they were not in any danger.

It is no secret that David Ben Gurion, the founder and first president of Israel had little compassion with the survivors of the Holocaust. He declared that: “If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution.“

The disappearance of open antisemitism in Europe- at the very least at governmental level- caused a crisis in the Zionist movement. The Zionist movement needed antisemitism to make Jews immigrate to Palestine. In the Arab-Islamic world there were large Jewish communities that in contrast to the European Jews never came in contact with European antisemitism. There was no persecution of Jews or structurally antisemitic policies in Arab or Islamic countries. Arab Jews had no need for Zionism.

A bastion of civilization against barbarism

For the Zionist project to succeed the Zionists understood that they had to attract a lot more Jews. Most European Jews choose to migrate instead to Canada, the USA and some Latin American countries. To the great displeasure of the Zionists they left Israel aside. Until then, the Arab Jews were not a priority for the Zionists, who were exclusively white Europeans. In the spirit of the times they held rather racist views about everything that wasn't white or European. The firs ideologue of Zionism namely said that: We shall make a bridgehead to Europe, a bastion of civilization against barbarism”. And the Arab Jews were also part of this barbarism.

To get the Arab Jews hot about migration they had to promote antisemitism in the majority Islamic countries. To achieve the Mossad started a terror campaign in, among other places, Egypt and Iraq. In Iraq bombs were for example exploded in synagogues to increase the feeling of insecurity among Iraqi Jews.
In Egypt there were bombs in public places. In both countries the Zionist spies were arrested. That debacle led in 1954 among other things to the resignation of Israeli defense minister, Pinchas Lavon.

Moroccan Jews

In Morocco, where a large group of Moroccan Jews used to live, the Mossad used another technique. David Littman pretended to be a British (Christian) priest and installed himself in Casablanca. In an operation named “Operation Mural”, hundreds of Moroccan-Jewish children were shipped away to Israel. They were supposed to go to a summer camp in Switzerland. But “Operation Mural” did not happen without the consent of the Moroccan Monarchy. Hassan II, Crown Prince then, and later King of Morocco profited personally from the shipping away of the Jews. He received payments of half a million dollars for 50.000 Jews who left the country to move to Israel.

Hassan II was also the first Arab leader to be honored by Israel in the form of a postal stamp that appeared posthumously in 1999. Many Moroccan Jews, anti-Zionist on principle, had to pay for this. They were often arrested and tortured if they criticized the pro-Zionist policies of Hassan II. Many fled the country and lived as exiles in Europe.

The Zionist propaganda claim that there are also Jews who fled “Arab antisemitic violence” is put in another light now that it is clear that Israel did everything in its power to encourage this exodus.

The few friends of Israel in the Arab world stated, moreover, no disapproval of Hitler. Anwar Sadat, former President of Egypt and loathed by most Arabs was an antisemitic Hitler fanatic. Nonetheless, he was

received by the Israelis with open arms when he signed a peace agreement with them.

When Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon in 1976 it had only one faithful ally, the Falangists. Its founder, Pierre Gemayel, never hid his sympathy for Hitler and the Nazis under the rug. He modeled the Falangists on the fascist youth movements in Europe, where he was fascinated Nazi Germany when he took part at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. The Falangists remained faithful allies of the Zionist State throughout the 15 years of the civil war and were, among other things the executors of the mass slaughter of Sabra and Shatila in 1982. Even in the Arab world the notion applied that antisemites and Israel got along well.

Extreme Right

Thus Israel needs antisemitism to guarantee its continued existence. The more antisemitism there is in the world, the more Jews that will migrate to Israel to guarantee the existence of Israel as a military colony on Arab soil.

In 2000, then Prime Minister Ehud Barak welcomed the one-millionth Russian Jew. An enormous strengthening to the State of Israel, according to him. The State “whitened”, the new Jews who came there were all white, through them the “European civilized” State of Israel will be able to differentiate itself from Arab “barbarism” that surrounds them. That many of the Russian Jews (in some cases even former Jews) had extreme right-wing, even blatant sympathies to the Nazis didn't make a difference.

Also in Europe Israel has very good connections with the extreme right and the ideological children of the (*Belgian) collaboration with the Nazi regime. If European politicians, opinion makers en citizens are really worried about the fate of the Jews, and since historical feelings of guilt for the European genocide are the main engine of support of Israel, then European politicians should confess their guilt. They should boycott the systematically antisemitic country on earth, and that is the Zionist state of Israel.

Yassine Channouf studied Arabic studies and Islamic studies at the Catholic University of Leuven and Modern Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Leiden. 

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