Documentary Report for the Situation of Palestinian Refugees in Syria.Monday, 28th of July 2014, No.633


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By ‪#‎Action_Group_for_Palestinians_of_Syria‬

“Bombing on Al Nairab Camp, the Resistant’s Brother Khalid Akr was killed Under Torture in the Syrian Prisons”

• Two Palestinian refugees were killed due to the conflict in Syria.
• Entering a quantity of Typhoid medicines and vaccines to the children in the Yarmouk camp.
• Handarat camp residents face a humanitarian tragedy due to displacing them from their camp.
• A calm state spread at Al Aedein camp in Hama.
• A wounded Palestine child died due to the prevention of his parents to follow him by the Lebanese authorities.

Heyam Razar died due to a wound that she attained due to shell that hit‪#‎Khan_AlSheih‬ camp in ‪#‎Damascus‬ city yesterday. The Palestinian Syrian Youth "Hasan Alnada Almrei" died in the intensive care section at Al Hamshary Hospital in the ‪#‎Yarmouk‬ camp due to a wound and burning that he attained in the bombing last year.

Bombing targeted ‪#‎AlNairab‬ camp in ‪#‎Aleppo‬ south of ‪#‎Syria‬ and a number of shells fall on the area behind the railway train and agriculture lands behind Al Aqsa Martyrs Mosque without any causalities. The residents of the camp live in a state of tension and instability due to the deteriorating security situation in the areas surrounding them, which resulted in the fall of helicopter on 25/7 over the camp after being hit with one missile.
The fall of the helicopter led to the explosion and the fall of ashes on the homes of civilians, resulted in more than 12 victims and a number of injuries and a significant damage in two houses when the crash directly hit them, leaving significant damage.
In the meantime, #Yarmouk refugee camp south of Damascus witnessed a continuous introducing of food aid, where they were distributing food baskets, vegetables, bread and milk for children in the delivery point at the main entrance of the camp.
In terms of medical aspect, the number of people diagnosed with typhoid in the Yarmouk refugee camp reached more than 110 injuries, according to the statement by one of the doctors to the reporter of Action Group inside the camp, and in the same context Palestine hospital received from‪#‎UNRWA‬ and the General Authority for Palestinian refugees, amounts of medicines for the treatment of disease and typhus vaccines for children.
It is noteworthy that the blockade imposed by the Regular Army and groups of the Popular Front - General Command of the Yarmouk refugee camp enters its second year, where their checkpoint prevents the entry and exit of people to and from the camp, and prevents the entry of flour, fuel and food supplies.
Hiam Rzar was killed in #Khan_AlSheih camp due to wounds she attained in the shelling of the camp yesterday, which brings the number of victims to three civilians. In terms of living aspect, the people of the camp complain of the scarcity of food, medicines, and running out of flour and fuel.
On the other hand, the suffering of the people of ‪#‎Handarat‬ Camp is getting worse, after they were displaced from their homes under the hum of bullets and shells due to the ongoing conflict in #Syria and the control of free army groups to their camp.
they now face a real humanitarian tragedy in the absence of securing all necessities and humanitarian needs, so people of Handarat camp asked to return to their camp, as soon as possible, as they carries responsibility of displaced and dispossessed of their homes to the parties of the conflict in Syria and will not accept any arguments, may prolong their survival outside the camp.
The groups of free Syrian Army have been able, on 27 / April / 2013, to have the full control of Handarat camp in Aleppo after battles lasted for days. It is noteworthy that the camp was named Handarat due to the nearby village name, while the other label (Ein el-Tal), due to the laboratories appointed to the hill near the camp, which is located on a rocky north-east of the city of Aleppo, at a distance of 13 km from the city center. 
Ein el-Tal camp bordered from the north by Handarat village of Aleppo and its territory, and from the East bordered by Shahir land and its hills, and from the south bordered by Al Oueja area and AL Kanadi hospital, from the west bordered by Baggara lands and Ein el-Tal factor of textile and ginning.
As there is a situation of calm in ‪#‎ALAedien‬ camp in ‪#‎Hama‬, while the suffering of the people concentrated on the economic side, due to the high cost of food supplies and prices of living in general in addition to the crises in securing fuel, and increase the suffering of the people due to the spread of unemployment among the children of the camp.

The tragedy of the displaced Palestinians of Syria refugees in Lebanon still increases because of the strict procedures that were taken by the Lebanese authorities, specially the strict procedures that were imposed of the refugees when they enter Lebanon and the possibility to extend their residencies. The procedures led to separate many families where the member of the same families in Syria couldn’t follow the members of the same families in Lebanon because of procedures. 
In an incident that refers to the negative reflections; the‪#‎Palestinian_Syrian‬ refugee Hasan Al Nada Almari, 16 years old, died in Al Hamshary hospital due to a wound and burning that he attained in the bombing last year in the Yarmouk camp. After Mr. Hasan appealed to humanitarian agencies and civil society organizations in Lebanon to intervene to allow his parents to enter Lebanon to follow up on his critical condition but the Lebanese authorities did not respond to his call and he died without seeing his parents.
In terms of economic side, Palestinian families coming from Syria to Lebanon suffer of the high cost of living in general, and particularly house rents in addition to the inability of refugees to work in Lebanon, for several reasons, including the legal status and widespread of unemployment.

Mahmud Akr the brother of the resistant Khalid Akr was killed under torture in the prisons of the Syrian security forces, according to Arabic website 21 that Mahmud Akr does not belong to any political movement, and make a living through his trade in sewing machines between Syria and Lebanon, and has stopped his work with the start of tensions in Syria.
It is worth mentioning that Khaled Akr is a Syrian from the city of Aleppo who belonged to the Popular Front - General Command, where his plane carried out a military operation against the Israeli occupation in 1987, they attacked the Israeli camp, "Guibor" northern occupied Palestine and killed three Israeli soldiers.

Palestinians of Syria Committee at Ghazi _ Gaziantep, ‪#‎Turkey‬, organized a number of events for solidarity with the ‪#‎Gaza‬ Strip, called for the suspension of the Zionist aggression on Gaza, noted that the Turkish Association of Solidarity with Palestine and the number of Palestinian Syrian refugees who were in Gaziantep participated in the vigil of solidarity.arity with the Gaza Strip in Gaziantep - Turkey


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